Placeholder or Bookmark?

I’m still learning Scrivener and I’m wondering:

Is there a way to put a bookmark in a location that I want to come back to? Preferably many bookmarks?

Long version:
I often start a passage in a book as a placeholder but want to come back to it later with more insight or more time.

In a 200 page book it’s difficult to remember all these spots I’m intending to clean up or expand. It would be great if there were some feature that would allow me to click and go to that place (perhaps even with notes about how I’d thought to resolve the unfinished bit.)

Does anything like this exist?


Why not just split the document and use Labels in the Inspector?

Add an inline comment (cmd-shift-A) at the relevant spots, optionally with a short code (REV: for review perhaps?)

Then do a Search by Formatting – it will allow you explicitly to search for annotations (inline comments) beginning with that code — there’s a shortcut available to move on to the next one. Just delete the annotations as you go along when you’re happy.

Or use Inspector comments, which will give you a nice little sidebar with all the comments associated with the document(s) you’re viewing.