Placeholder tag for Title

Hello there,

I hope you can help me - I’ve scoured the boards and not quite found what I’m looking for.

Very simply I want to add my scene titles to the header on every page.

Some experiments have failed miserably - title, , <$title>

I can see that many of the placeholder tags in the manual deal with numbering but nothing near to what I need.

Any help would be really appreciated.

It sounds like the planned <$subtitle> placeholder will do most of what you want. It is more designed to print the section title, or whatever it was that last generated a page break and had a title associated with it. So this feature doesn’t print the title of whatever section is currently on that page (this is a lot more complicated, and not as many people need it).

For now though, you’ll have to do advanced header and footer control in your word processor of choice, after compiling.

Thanks Amber,

I’ll see if I can wrangle this in Word and hope that the feature appears very soon.

Really appreciate the help.

Kindest Regards,