Placeholder tags as titles/subtitles

Hi everyone.

Some of my books are told from multiple POVs. In previous incarnations of Scrivener I’ve used labels on my chapters with the characters’ names, and inserted these labels via placeholder tags underneath the chapter numbers when compiling.

In the new version of Scrivener, it seems all customisation possibilities have been removed and we can only select a small number of pre-determined layout styles.

I’m sure I must be missing something. I’ve been through the Upgrade Guide a number of times, and have searched this forum but I can’t find for the life of me how to simply insert a placeholder tag after the main chapter title when compiling. Am I missing something really obvious?

When you get to compile, choose the format which is closest to the look you want, then right click on it and choose ‘Duplicate and Edit Format’. This will take to another dialogue where you’ll have even more customisation options than you did with V2, although you’ll recognise many of them.
Give the format a suitable name and save it – you can then edit it in future.

The basic process is then:

  1. Make sure every document in the Binder has the right Section Type.

  2. In Compile, click on your new format – check that all the documents have the right Section Type assigned to them in the right hand panel.

  3. Right-click > Edit the format, then in Section Layouts, identify the provided layouts which are closest to what you’ll want. e.g click on Chapter Heading and then add the placeholder tag in the Title / Prefix / Suffix parts below (this should be similar to how it was in V2). Or create your own from scratch as you wish.

  1. Make any other changes in the Edit section.

  2. When you’re happy, save the edit, then click on Assign Section Layouts and allocate each Section Layout to each of your Section Types.

  3. Compile.