placeholder tags in French on a English System


I have searched the forum, but I was not able to find a solution to my peculiar case. If I am wrong, please feel free to redirect me to the solution.

So here is my problem : I am French and want to write a French novel. However, my OS (10.6.8 ) is in English. As a consequence, I get the placeholder tags in English which of course is not what I want.

So, how I tell Scrivener to use French instead of English ?

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately the placeholder uses the system’s generator, which is based on localisation settings—or what language you’ve got the OS itself set to. Scrivener does not, itself, control that aspect (it’s basically asking the OS for a sequence of numbers-as-word and then using that list to build your book).

That aside, it’s pretty easy to toggle this as needed when compiling. In the System Preferences “Language & Region” pane, drag Français above English, switch back to Scrivener, compile, and then when you’re done compiling, switch the preference pane back to English. This shouldn’t result in any odd behaviour, and can be done while Scrivener is already open. Like I say, it just asks for that list of numbers when compiling, so all that matters is the state of the system when you compile.

This might help …

Change Language of Placeholder Tags in Scrivener

Thanks people for the information

Though this is not a “sexy” solution, at least there is one.