Placeholder to Count Draft When Sending an Extract

I find when doing a book proposal sending an extract of a Collection of Chapters, that only the words of the Collected Chapters are counted.
I need the entire draft to be counted.

Am I missing something, but when you send your proposal, don’t you include the number of words in the book in the proposal letter by default?

Yes, but I generate that with my front/back matter and get a count on the Collection word count only.

It’s a small thing, but why have a word count placeholder if it can’t be put to good use. So that’s what I’m proposing.

I’m not at the PC at the moment to double-check this placeholder works, but maybe give the <$draftTarget> placeholder a try, and set that to your total word count. This presumes, given the phase you’re at, that you’re no longer in need of that particular tool, or even that matching the current word count could be useful as it would show you the variation from this draft’s count, on future edits.

Conceptually I don’t even think that’s too weird of a use of the placeholder. It’s the kind of thing you might use like, <$wc> / <$draftTarget> in proofing cuts so you can get a static read on how far into the writing process you are. All we’re doing is chopping off the in-progress half of it now that it is complete. :slight_smile: It’s a bit of a stretch, but not a bad one in my opinion.

The counters you are using can only add up what they have been given, that being what is processed during the compilation process. What you’re describing would require compiling the entire draft, and then compiling again, but only with the parts you want. It would be very slow.

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Alright, my thinking was that the Compile could extract it from the area in Scrivener where Project Statistics are stored or visit the calculation code, whichever of the two is relevant.

But if it’s going to be resource intensive after implementation, then I agree it’s not worth pursuing what’s really a request for a “nice to have”.


Except that the accurate “Project Statistics” count is calculated as needed by running a stripped down Compile command. It isn’t stored permanently.

For a proposal, though, I wouldn’t think you would need a terribly accurate count anyway. “The full manuscript is about 90,000 words” should be fine, and there are many places in Scrivener to read that information.

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