Placeholders not replacing during compile

I am trying to develop a series template for new media with multiple episode scripts. I have an episode template which sits in the project template’s folder, which is basically the episode’s title page and scene folder (based off the Screenplay structure).

All fine and good. I can add a new episode to the series project by adding the New Episode template. I rename the container the episode ID (101E01, for example) and I rename the “Title Page” to the episode title (“She Sits on a Muffin”, for example).

The title page has the following placeholders:


With the assumption that I will see something like

“She Sits on a Muffin”
Alan Smithee

when the episode script is compiled.

I run the screenplay compile, selecting the episode folder, making the contents the entire draft, format for FDX8, first page is title page, and compile. The document imports into FD8 fine, the title page is the title page and the remainder of the script is formatted as script – BUT the placeholders on the title page have not been replaced.




Apologies for this. Funnily enough, I noticed this only yesterday (and fixed it). The FDX export is currently ignoring the placeholders in title pages - so placeholders work everywhere else, just not in FDX title pages. I have fixed this for the next update, but there will be a beta out in the beta testing area of the forum that you will be able to use before that.

Thanks and all the best,