Scrivener has placeholders like:
<$template_city>, <$template_state> <$template_ZIP>

Fullname is filled in the meta-data and works ok. How does one get the other data to come from the address book or where ever it is supposed to come from?

If you are referring to the information on cover pages, it is taken from Contacts when a project is first created. See… … s-in-os-x/

I have given Scrivener access to my Contact app info. I don’t see how Scrivener knows which card to use. In my case the contacts actually come from Google which macOS supports.

When a user sets up their Mac, they ineluctably create a user account.

macOS automatically creates an address card in Apple’s Contacts app for that user account.

Scrivener will use that address card, unless the user follows the options given in the link above.

Have you identified your card in Contacts as belonging to you?

In Contacts, find your card: Card > Go To My Card (cmd-shift-M), which should have been setup on installation. If it doesn’t work, or it goes to the wrong card, then search for the right one and Card > Make This My Card.

This works for me – Scrivener can bring in the relevant details.