Placement tags not working

I added <$fullname> in Page Setup > Header (see image attached)

This is supposed to show the name of the author listed in Meta-Data > Author

It doesn’t work. In fact, it shows the name of the owner of the laptop / scrivener licence

How can I connect the placeholder to the meta-data?

When you say “Meta-Data > Author”, are you referring to the Project Properties tab of the “Project Meta-Data” panel, accessed from the Project menu? That is where you would set that value to something other than your system name (or Contacts info, if you allow Scrivener to read your contacts in the system privacy pane).

Amber, you saved my day :smiley:

I was adding the Meta-Data in the compiling screen. Didn’t know about the Project Properties tab

p.s. Amber, do you know how to print the header <$projectitle> in capital letters? (Even if it’s not in capital letter in the Project Meta-Data)

See image attached

If you capitalise any placeholder token then the content it pastes in will be capitalised as well.

What’s the procedure to “capitalise any placeholder token”?

You write them in capitals

LOL. I was trying to avoid that.
But… thanks. I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Forgive me if I’m missing something, but it sounds like you may have misinterpreted lunk’s answer…

Write the placeholder in all capitals (<$PROJECTTITLE>) and it forces the project title into all capitals… you don’t have to change the details in the project itself. Works for any placeholder where it would make sense.