Places and Characters usability

I love the idea of having a cork board and pinning index cards to it with notes about my characters and places. However, I have noticed a usability issue and wanted to bring it to your attention and to ask if there was a work around or settings to change the behavior.

when I right click on the cork board and choose Add new text, an index card appears. I type in a title, and I expect to press Enter to move to the next line. But pressing Enter here causes the index card to become locked an uneditable. If I press TAB, then I get to the next line.

So, I begin typing some data on the next line. Since I pressed TAB to make a new line, I press TAB again. However, this bumps me out of the index card and makes it uneditbale. It seems I have to press Enter for each subsequent line after the title.

I also have the problem of when the index card becomes locked and uneditable, I can not find out how to edit it again. when I click the card, it seems to highlight the card instead of editing it. I would expect to be able to edit it by either clicking or double clicking it. When I right click a card, I get a context menu. It would be nice if there was an edit option on the menu to put me back in edit mode of the card.

So, to sum up:
enter title, press TAB to next line
enter second line, press ENTER to next line
-> one key, either TAB or Enter, should be used to perform both functions.
Clicking a card should edit the card.
Context menu should have an Edit option.

I think the issue with the tab/enter thing, is they are different fields. It’s like typing in the subject of your forum post, then you hit tab to move to the next textbox. But once you are in the main textbox, it’s “simple” text, and enter creates a new line.

Yes, as CrystalKitten said, the title and synopsis are different text areas, so it’s necessary to use Tab to move between the two. You should however be able to double click into the text area of a card to edit it–either into the synopsis area or into the text area. You can also use the F2 key to start editing a text field. Using the Tab key from the synopsis will move to the next text field, so if there is a card after the one you’re editing, you’ll move to editing the title field there. You can use Shift+Tab to move backward to the synopsis you were previously editing. (That should work even if you used Tab on the last card.)