Placing a quote at the beginning of a chapter

I’m new to Scrivener, so this is my first forum post, and I’m pretty excited about this software!

So this is likely a newbie question, but it appears that formatting compiles can be tricky, and I don’t fully understand it.

With that out of the way, I like how scrivener can automatically uppercase the first 3 words of a paragraph. And I’d also like to start some paragraphs with a quote:

In this example, I’d rather have TIME FOR LAB in uppercase, not the Nelson Mandela quote. Any strategies to achieve that?

I made a little progress on my own. I set the section type for the quote’s document to N/A.

That’s an improvement, but now it is appearing in the TOC:

From what I can tell, Scrivener can either create the TOC dynamically based on structure (which is how my doc is set up now), or there is also a more manual way to create a TOC that gives you more control. Will I need to do the latter to remove the quote from the TOC?

The folder itself is also a text document ; try putting your quote into the folder text and formatting your quote from the chapter section layout. I’ve used that in the past with good effect.

Ok, I figured out how to add the quote to the folder (didn’t know i could do that, thanks!) But I don’t know how to format it from the chapter section layout. Do you mean in the “Assign Section Layouts…” screen? (It’s now out of the TOC, but the quote is getting uppercased again)

Take a deep breath. I’m going to walk you through editing your compile format.

  1. Select File > Compile…
  2. Make a note of which section layouts you’ve assigned to which section types.
  3. Right-click or ctrl-click on the compile format you’re using.
  4. Choose Edit Format… (or if that’s greyed out, Duplicate and Edit Format.)
    4.a. If you had to duplicate the format, save your work by clicking the Save button in the lower right corner. Then (tedious, I know) set up all your section layout assignments with the NEW layout just as you had them in the original layout. Then right-click and choose Edit Format… again.
  5. Click on the Section Layouts tab, then click on the section layout for your chapters (you noted this in Step 2.)
  6. If the formatting of the quote is as you want it except for the pesky all caps, great! If not, edit its format here in the little sample pane.
  7. Almost done! Click on the New Pages button under the list of section layouts.
  8. Edit the “Number of words to make uppercase:” to zero.
  9. Run a test compile to be sure your new layout is ready to roll.
  10. Save your edited layout. Hope this helps!


I wrote a long confused post about how it didn’t quite work, then I did a recompile (puttering around) and it looks this time it worked! I’m not sure I fully understand how, but thank you Silverdrag0n!!!

You’re welcome!