Placing a table

I need to put a table in my text. I’ve made the table in Excel, converted it to .RTF via Word and put it into my document (see a portion of the text and the table attached). No matter what I’ve done so far, the table sits on the left edge of the document and refuses efforts to move it. How do I center the table (or move it right a couple of inches)?

Hi Johnro

I believe the table tool in Scrivener (on a Mac / OS X) utilises the table tool found in TextEdit (when used in RTF mode).

I believe that this does not have the ability to align tables.

As a workaround, you can add columns to the left and right of your table, and then set their cell borders to zero so that they are then invisible.

Not a perfect solution, I know!

Very nice. I will try the workaround. Thanks!

Yes, this is correct. In fact the tables you add in Scrivener will always be 100% width, so this narrow table is only an anomaly from having imported it the way you did. Ordinarily there would be nowhere to align it to in the first place.

Welcome. Hope it works as you need it to.