placing bookmarks

When I create a bookmark using shift, control B the bookmark ends up at the first line of the paragraph that I am currently in. Is there anyway to make the bookmark go exactly where I put the curser?
Thank you so much !

No, because the bookmark feature is by definition an inline annotation at the start of a paragraph that starts with an asterisk character. That is what a text bookmark is, so that is why it puts it there. Since the bookmark feature merely scrolls the window to the paragraph that has that marking in it, any further level of granularity would not be functionally useful. Bookmarks are just for building a sort of table of contents into that View/Text Bookmarks menu.

Perhaps bookmarks aren’t the best tool for the job? What is it you are wanting to do? If it is to make a statement or marking for a specific piece of text, then perhaps inline annotations themselves would be best, or linked comments, which can act like bookmarks as well in that you can click on them to scroll to where the comment is linked from—and the link will be highlighted from where you made it within the paragraph.

Thank you so much for this answer. I am actually trying to mark a specific spot so I can navigate back to it. Is there another option for this?

The two options I mentioned are good for that. Either linked comments or inline annotations will work. With the former you use the Inspector to jump back to the spot; with the latter you use Edit/Find/Find by Formatting.