Placing images into a document

I have quite some difficulty placing images in a Scrivener document. Besides that Scrivener makes the images bigger, some images aren’t displayed completely at all or cause some text to disappear.

For example, I have the following document in Scrivener:

scr.12-03-2012 07.08.37.png

Now I remove the ‘[image]’ section and now insert the following screenshot in the text:

Which gives:

As you can see, the image isn’t displayed with the correct dimensions (so I have to open the image in Paint or Windows Explorer and write down the width or height in pixels, then edit the image in Scrivener). Secondly, the image isn’t displayed in full. If I place the blinking cursor (’|’) before the image, give multiple enters, the complete image does show. However, the first line(s) of the document is lost then.

I assume I’m doing something wrong. So, what’s the correct procedure for working with images in a text? :slight_smile:

Hello Jura,
Am just trying out the program but have used a lot of images so if it helps here is how I manage with no problems;

Decide where you want pic then open your pic folder or wherever the image is stored, I then left mouse and drag pic to position in the editor then immediately right mouse on pic and select picture edit at the top of menu, in the width and height box I put 300 in first box… it maintains aspect so ignore other box. this puts all of your picture in a reasonable size straight where you want it. Then adjust size as required. I find this method fast and easy.