I tried the suggestion in the manual to search for ‘placeholder’ but with no results.

Is there a feature in this software that allows you to set place-holders and change them all at once? I know I can just ‘Find-and-Replace’ but I was hoping for something a bit more sophisticated.

Is there a feature like that that exists in this software?


It depends what exactly you want to replace. There are special variables that you can use in different places which will be automatically replaced for you at compile (or, in the case of template variables, when you create a project from the template)–these are for things like word count, page numbers, document titles, and your name and address. You can see a full list of these variables under Help>Placeholder Tags List…

If you just want to create your own placeholder that you will replace yourself, you can make up any kind of unique tag you want and then either use find/replace (for per-document replacements) or Project Replace (which can work in snapshots, titles, etc.) to change it in the project at a later time or use the “Replacements” feature in the compile settings to swap in your replacement when you compile the manuscript without actually changing the documents in the project. So for instance if you were creating a form letter and you wanted to personalize it, you might type “Dear ^Recipient^” and so forth, then in the compile options have ^Recipient^ replaced with the appropriate name for the compiled draft, leaving the tag in place in your project so you can swap it out again next time with a different name. §24.14 of the User Manual goes over the compile replacement option in more detail, including the more advanced methods available; the other two are fairly standard Find/Replace types and are covered in §21.4.2 and §21.4.4 (biggest note is probably that Project Replace can’t be undone, since it affects multiple documents at once, so don’t run that unless you’re sure–and you should probably have a backup of the project, just in case you realize you replaced something incorrectly).

I hope that helps!