Plain Text Compile Words Wrap at 65 Columns

I’m compiling a Markdown formatted scrivener project to plain text. This allows me to submit a plain text markdown document to my publisher.

However the plain text export filter (compile) is word wrapping at 65 characters which is causing the markdown to fail. For example. the following image shows that there is a carriage return in the middle of the URL for the image.

Is there a way to fix this ? All I want is a plain text export that doesn’t wrap the lines and it seems to me that this should be an option in the plain text export durn the compile ? Or have I missed something ?

There isn’t anything in Scrivener that would do this, it must be some external effect, perhaps the text editor you are using or even the source text itself. Have you examine the problematic areas in Scrivener’s editor, with the Format/Options/Show Invisibles menu option enabled?

As the screenshot shows, this is the raw plain text output from the Scrivener compile with the hard carriage returns in the files (using BBEdit to open the file). It’s certainly seem to be the raw Scrivener plain text output.

Here is a screen cap from Scrivener with the invisibles enabled.

Thanks for your help, in advance.


Possible that BBEdit is hard-wrapping? Does the text wrap at 65 in a different plain text editor?

From BBEdit manual…page 97

[i]How to convert hard-wrapped text to soft-wrapped text…

Use the Remove Line Breaks command in the Text menu, and activate soft wrapping[/i] … pdf#page97

I’ve checked, and if so, I wouldn’t see the line break/carriage returns in the invisibles. It would just wrap.

Same problem in Coda, Sublime text and Text Edit.


I need an answer to this since I’m close to final publishing version of my book so I’ve raised a support case.

Weird. I created a brand new Scrivener document, dropped some text, then compiled that. It worked fine without wrapping. Went back to my original document, performed the compile again - same thing.

Created a new compile profile with nothing but my replacements and it’s not word wrapping. Possibly a problem with the compile settings when using plain text conversions as shown this screenshot.

Would you be okay with sending me a copy of the project to take a closer look at all of the variables? If that’s all right, just use the File/Back Up/Back Up To... menu command to create a zipped copy, and attach it to an e-mail to support (provide the URL to this ticket so whoever gets it knows to forward it to me). If it is too large for e-mail, it’s probably okay to use Save As to create a temporary duplicate and strip all of the research material out of it. All I would need to see are the compile settings and potentially a few sections of the text that are misbehaving.