Plain Text export feature request: UTF8 option[BUG LOGGED]

Dear Scrivener Team,

since I do export to latex I use plaintext compile and external mmd to convert to latex. Sadly there is no option to adjust character encoding within plaintext export. Since my (quite large) document also has äöü et al :wink: within the mmd parser quits since the text is not exported in utf8 encoding. Is there any chances to provide this option to the compile dialog?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Dear Scriveners,

I have done some testing with compiling to .txt files and I found that scrivener uses cp1252 character encoding by default. This gets e.g. spanish, french, german… writers into big trouble if they e.g. want to process the export with the multimarkdown scripts. These expect UTF8 enconding.

I assume there is a reason why you use cp1252 encoding instead of UTF-8. So if you could provide an option to export utf-8 (or other unicode encodings) it would improve processing scrivener output to html, rtf, latex… really much. Fixing wrong encoding in >40 pages of plain text is a big mess if done often.

If the latter is not the case I’d encourage you to change the default encoding to UTF-8.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Thanks a lot in advance

I have no idea what any of this means.

I do, however, use a lot of odd characters in my writing – things like ś and ȧ and ẋ – and I always have trouble getting those letters to stick around if I transfer programs, file formats, etc. Sometimes I even have trouble getting them into a program in the first place. Does all this UTF8 and cp1252 business have something to do with that?

I’m not a encoding pro but I try to answer as good as I can. You’re exactly right. This is the reason for funny looking text (and ü in html and other funny tricks to use non standard characters . UTF (Unicode) in contrast to most of the other characterencodings is able to encode all these wierd characters present in french, german, spanish… A text editor (a real one :wink: ) or parser can detect what encoding is used. In bad text editors you sometimes things like  which is the two-byte sequence used to detect the encoding.

The reason why I’d love to have UTF8 is that multimarkdown showed up to be able to parse UTF8 to LaTeX and therefore enables to use these characters in scrivener, export as plaintext and parse it to working LaTeX with all these funny ü and ß characters.

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Yeah, I support the UTF thing, then. I hate having such trouble with these characters I use for my fantasy languages and such. It’s exhausting!

Bug and feature request logged. Completely agree. I was planning on adding support for MultiMarkdown soon regardless as a lot of academics and technical uni students use it. I know I used LaTex extensively for my masters so I completely understand where you are coming from.

And I can hear the cries now - yes, ePub will also be supported along with FDX; however, they wont make the Feb release but should follow shortly after as a free update.

Appreciate the feedback.

Dear Lee,

thanks a lot for seeing the importance. I’d propose to do two steps.

  1. Fix Plaintext export to UTF8. Then people ( including me :wink: ) can use my external MMD workaround to generate LaTeX posted here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=9499&start=0&view=viewpoll
  2. Program MMD export.

Best Regards,


It would also be nice to see plain text UTF8 importing. :slight_smile:

Not sure it’s useful to reply to this since it is already logged as a bug/feature request, but just chiming in to say that 3 years later, I would still very much love a UTF8 encoding option for txt.

This already exists. Go to Tools > Options and in the Import/Export section you can choose the encoding to use for plain-text.

Ahhh!! Thank you! (I was honestly very confused how this couldn’t have been implemented already, but I was only looking in the compiler for the relevant settings. Whoops!)