Plain text export options

I know new features are verboten for now, but for whenever that changes –

I usually try to work in plain text wherever possible, for greater cut-and-pasteability. It would be great if there were some options for formatting the plain text output – for example, if Scrivener could automatically include a double line break between paragraphs wherever a single break occurs in the text. It might also be useful to be able to optionally specify a line width for wrapping purposes, to make it easier to email a document or draft without it looking stupid.

Obviously, this can be handled in a text editor or whatnot, but it would be cool if some theoretical future version of Scrivener could handle it automatically.

I don’t think that these things really fall under Scrivener’s remit, I’m afraid, given that it is mainly designed to be a rich text application. Plain text export is there for those who really want it, but it is only meant to be basic, and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Sorry. :frowning: