Plain Text, Formatting, and Italics

The italics must stay!
I’m trying to work between Jotterpad Android and Scrivener Windows. Jotterpad is doing alright, but Scrivener is causing me problems. I need to work in plain text for Jotterpad, but when I export my .txt files to an external folder Scrivener won’t preserve any of my Italics or other markdown. This seems like it could be fixed with a option when exporting, especially for something so basic. I found a workaround, which was to go to Format/Convert/Bold and Italics to Multimarkdown Syntax. However this is creating two problems:
One: I want to still visually work with italics in scrivener, and I haven’t found an easy was to revert back once I’ve hit Convert. For example, in Jotterpad is as easy as clicking a single button to switch between markdown preview and regular view, and even the regular view shows both the italics as well as the markdown for it.
Two: it isn’t showing the extra spaces I put between my paragraphs when I import it back in, even inserted line breaks done in Scrivener won’t import back in, although Jotterpad will show them as working fine.

Preserving the italics during the switch is the most important thing though, the rest I can learn to live unhappily with.
Help would be much appreciated!
Thank you!

I’m having a problem preserving and viewing italics in both scrivener and jotterpad as well. jotter pad does the asterisk surround for italics but then i have to hunt asterisks in my scrivener doc. And jotterpad doesn’t show the italics that are in the scriv doc either. Have you found a work around for this?