Plain text view?

Hey, folks. I searched the archives and couldn’t find this – my apologies if it’s been suggested before.

How about an option to view everything in plain (unformatted) text mode? I like to write with as few distractions as possible; while “Paste and Match Style” is helpful (thank you!), it’s not the same as the freedom I get from knowing I’ll never have to consider text styling.


Hi, thanks for your suggestion, but the whole concept of Scrivener is based around rich text, so there will never be a plain text option, I am afraid. However, what you can do is set the default font (via Preferences) to Monaco 10, which doesn’t show any formatting, and then export to plain text (or whatever you want).


Thanks for the quick response! I’m not sure I understand why you feel rich text is essential to the Scrivener experience… I can see how it’s useful for formatted export, but that’s not primarily how I’m using it.

In any case, I respect your choices. :slight_smile: Cheers,

Just the way I wanted it to work. :slight_smile: And annotations, footnotes, highlighting etc wouldn’t work in plain text, so a lot of the stuff I spent a lot of time implementing would be completely unavailable in a plain text system.