Plain Word Document Compile Issue

I have been stripping away all of the compile parameters just to compile a very simply formatted journal, but I’m having problems with the the suffixes of my text titles (Organization of binder: Month [folder] < Date [text]). All of my stuff is in Times New Roman, 12 point font. Even the titles. But when I compile, the line below my text titles is always Times New Roman 14 point font. Then my actual text goes back to Times New Roman, 12 point font. I have added one space after the suffix, and this seems to be the problem. How do ensure that everything is in Times New Roman, 12 Point font.

I have attached a sample compile with the cursor on the line in question.

The output font options are set in the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane. You might check the formatting preview window in that pane to see if the font size changes between the title and the body text.


I’ve done that, making sure to command+A everything as to make sure to leave no text unchanged.

Hmm. Would it be possible to send a test project with this behavior to our support address? I’m not seeing this, so I’d like to poke around a bit before offering any further suggestions.

The easiest way to email a project is to use the File -> Backup -> Backup To command, and check the box to create a ZIP backup. Please email to, and mention my name and this thread in the subject line.



What actually is in the Suffix field? From the screenshot it doesn’t look like anything at all, except maybe that carriage return? If you’re just trying to space the title out from the body text, you should add paragraph spacing to the title. Remove the empty line in the Suffix field, then click in the “Title” line in the mock editor and select “Other…” from the line-height dropdown. Adding a certain number of points (8 or 12 for example) into the “Paragraph spacing after:” field should do nicely. You can click those little arrows to see the change happen visually.

kewms: Just emailed my test file in.

AmberV: I put just one paragraph return in the suffix field. Just tried your suggestion. Adjusted the end of the title line to have a 12 point buffer before the actual text starts. Looks exactly how I want it. A good workaround. Thanks!

Ah ha! Thanks for the suggestion, Ioa. – Katherine