PlainText for iPad and Underlined Text

When syncing between Scrivener and PlainText (or any markdown editor on the iPad), what is the recommended way to insert underlined text into plain text into the body of my document (I don’t have any footnotes or headers) and have it correctly import into Scrivener as an underline when I later print my manuscript?

I’ve been experimenting with surrounding text with asterisks as recommended by the MMD documentation. But after I sync back to Scrivener, I haven’t been able to get any of the Compile options to output a document with the text properly formatted with underlined text. The output still shows the asterisks.

Example: Where am I? he wondered.

Thanks in advance.

We’re working on a way of doing simple formatting in .txt files that are synced, and having that come into Scrivener as rich text (and vice versa). It’s all alpha build right now so it’s not available yet for testing. Otherwise right now there isn’t a way to do what you are requesting. MMD is an all or nothing approaching. You either write your manuscript in accordance with the guidelines put forth and compile using the MMD options at the bottom of the “Compile For” menu, or you don’t use any of it.

I was afraid that was the case, but I’m excited to hear you are working on a solution. Thank you.