Plans to move to ios10 and up only?

First, thanks so much for the great app. It is already opening up so many more writing opportunities for me.

I was content to just use scrivener iOS on my iPhone 6s, assuming that my 3rd gen iPad, being rendered obsolete as of ios10s announcement, wouldn’t support new apps like scrivener. I was pleasantly surprised that it supports ios9 devices too. (Aside: it works as smoothly as any other app, and faster than some, even on this ancient tablet).

But I’m just wondering if Keith and others foresee any updates to scrivener iOS that might render iOS 9 devices unsupported in the near future. There are few apps that I would convince myself to upgrade an iPad for, but scrivener might be the exception. I’d just like to brace myself for yet another large tech purchase.

From what I’ve seen, iOS 10 isn’t a major shake-up so shouldn’t cause any necessity for us to drop iOS 9 support. We wouldn’t do that anyway. While we’ll almost certainly drop iOS 9 support one day, we wouldn’t do it just one iOS release later, so I can’t see a reason why we wouldn’t support iOS 9 all the way through iOS 10. Our macOS version still supports OS X 10.6, after all. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,