Play audio/video files for typing from dictation.

Great writing aid (calling Scrivener a word processor would be an insult).

Is it possible to add in an audio (+/- video) player with keyboard-controls to allow variable speed and slow play back and pause to allow typing from dictation?


This is something that might be possible in the future. What should be coming in the next update that will help a bit is a “rewind on pause” feature, so you can have Scrivener automatically rewind the playback by a set amount (3 seconds is default, I believe) when you pause. Slowing and speeding up playback is more complicated, so while they would certainly be nice to have, there aren’t immediate plans for them.

While waiting you might want to look at Express Scribe, free for both Windows and Mac. Allows variable playback, systemwide key mapping and a
Miniwindow. Almost like having the functionality in Scrivener.

Thanks for the replies. I’m really impressed with the product so far and have been recommending others check it out.-Cheers