Play on Linux/Crossover/Wine

Has anyone had any success running the Windows version in one of these? I haven’t tried as of yet, and thought I’d check to see what others’ experiences have been.

I have a dual boot setup … with Scrivener on Vista and Ubuntu 12.04
I’ve tried different applications running on wine but I prefer now to keep apps in either camp (Windows or Linux).

But read here … … ngId=73065

I use WINE with it yeah. You need to have the 2010 C++ redistributable installed along with quartz using winetricks. Corefonts makes it look better, and there are some tweaks to font smoothing, too, that help. Search back and you’ll find them.

For what it’s worth:

I just downloaded the Windows version and installed it using Play On Linux (from the Software Center in Ubuntu). The installation worked with all default settings and took 3 minutes. No special Wine config necessary. I have been playing with it for a half hour (procrastinating from the novel) and everything seems to work fine – including the spelling functionality and fullscreen editor. I haven’t opened my big project in it yet, but I am considering switching over.