Play/Pause media in copyholder

For the first time ever, I have a media file that I want to play and pause from within Scrivener, so I can take careful notes, but I’ve immediately bumped up against a few limitations that I didn’t expect.

Is it possible to put a media file in a copyholder and have it respond to the play/pause shortcut? It doesn’t seem to work for me, where I have an alias to an external file in the binder, and that alias is loaded to a copyholder. The media file plays without issue, and I can use the mouse to control it, but the menu shortcut fails to work properly.

In fact, the play/pause shortcut (CMD-return) actually inserts new files into the outline I’m working from when I have this setup. Shouldn’t the behavior of CMD-return be that it does nothing if I can’t see a media file to control?

One last thing: has anyone successfully used any utility (like Keyboard Maestro) to bind the media keys on a Mac keyboard to play, pause, ff and rewind? I suspect this is the harder thing to do, as Scrivener isn’t a media player, but optionally contains one (or more).