Played in Glasgow - My First Published Book

Thank Henrik for Scrivener. When I discovered it a few years back I immediately dumped all my research and initial notes, along with screen grabs and web pages into it.

My book on the heritage of sports architecture in Glasgow was launched Friday March 12th when I gave a talk at the AyeWrite Book Festival at the Mitchell Library. Finally - an ISBN number that’s mine all mine.

Many thanks to Keith for producing the best piece of software on the Mac.

Congratulations on the book! I dream of an ISBN number…

Thanks for the kind words,

Congratulations! Well done!

Joely xx


Wonderful news. :smiley: Congratulations! (And a great topic, too.)

I work in a bookstore around the Glasgow area and it amuses me greatly that this is one of the books we actively sold in our Scottish section over the Christmas period. I hope you’re having great success!