Playing WMA files inside Scrivener with Flip4Mac?


  1. I have an audio recorder that I use that only records files in WMA format.
  2. The free version of Flip4Mac lets me play those WMA files using the Quicktime Player just by opening the file in the Mac Finder.
  3. When I import a WMA file into a Scrivener project and hit the play button, it doesn’t work.


  1. Is that what you’d expect? I thought it might still work because of my understanding (albeit a limited understanding) of what a Scrivener project actually is.

If this is what you’d expect, I’d love to add support for this kind of thing to the possible feature list. If this isn’t what you’d expect, maybe it’s a bug, or maybe there is something else I am doing wrong.


If you have QuickTime Pro, I’ve heard that saving WMA files as a reference movie (the data is not re-encoded or anything), will fix some integration problems. Supposedly, you can even put them into iTunes using this method. You’ll need to keep them on the drive in a steady place though, as the reference .mov files are just pointers to the physical wma files.