Playlists ...

… well not really playlists but the idea is sort of the same.

In iTunes, you have a big wodge of songs, which you can then put into playlists. So a song can appear in several places in the tree thingy on the left.

I was thinking that might be handy in Scrivener. Allowing a document to appear in more than one folder in the hierarchy.

Actually, that’s not really playlists is it? It’s document aliases.

Now the problem here is that it would introduce inconsistencies and a lot of coding.

To begin with, to stick with the iTunes metaphor, then you would have a randon jumble of documents that you then sort into the tree as you are going along. Otherwise you’d have real documents, and pointers to documents littered around the hierarchy, which could be confusing.


Lol. I like the way you make a suggestion and then start down the path of the technical hell involved - that’s really selling it to me. :slight_smile:

This is definitely the sort of thing I’d like to look at for 2.0, but in 1.x it’s not really possible because of the way things are set up internally. Hmm. Actually, that’s not true. It probably would be possible, but as you note, it would be a lot of horrible work. Also, it’s not as useful in the writing realm, I feel. Whereas you might want a song in different playlists, in Scrivener you are working towards a unified draft, so you certainly want one document to appear in more than one place inside the draft. You might want a document pertaining to a character to appear in more than one place, but that would probably be better served with saved searches (which may become proper smart folders in 2.0, who knows).


I like this idea, almost as much as I enjoyed reading Rayz post. lol. Possibly not very useful within the manuscript section, for the reasons KB mentioned. However, within the research section it could be a real blessing.


My thoughts exactly. If it ever become a possibility, it could definitely be of help here. Just this morning I was wishing I had a way to do this (and yep, it was in my research section!).

On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to see Scr. change in any dramatic way, so I’d not want this to cause major changes to the structure of the way things work.

Okay, my really bland two cents here… :wink:

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