Please add a Hotkey to reapply the last used command (MS Word: F4)

Good evening
here is the 2nd MS Word command which we miss very much in Scrivener :

F4: Repeat the last command
This command is great in MS Word because it’s easy to repeat commands.
For example, you would like to change your document and modify some paragraphs from normal text to a numbered list. Then you select the 1st Paragraph and select the new Style.
Then you can just click into any other paragraph and press F4 to re-apply the last used Style.

This command would be very useful in Scrivener - at least for migrating MS Word users :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Thomas

I have always wondered if there was a macOS equivalent key anywhere (and F2 toggle edit modes too). I was a long time Windows users that finally saw the light five years ago and switched to the Mac - lever looked back, but have missed those two keys in other Mac apps.