Please add a Shotcut to re-apply the paragraph style to the selected text


It is very annoying to clean up changed formattings and reset the text in a paragraph to the assigned style.

In M$ Word, there is the Ctrl+Space Shortcut for this kind of Task:
it re-applies the paragraph’s style to the selected Text or to all the paragraph’s text if no text is selected.

it would be very useful if you could offer a similar function.

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You can do this in Scrivener by resetting the selected text within a paragraph to “No Style” (Opt-Cmd-0 on macOS, currently Alt+0 in the Windows 3.0 Beta 3) to restore the paragraph style formatting. Reapplying the paragraph style from the Format > Style menu, format bar menu, or keyboard shortcut will do the same thing and works to reset an entire paragraph (rather than only some text within it). You can assign keyboard shortcuts to any styles that don’t have one by default.

Good evening MM

thank you for your help!, but in Windows Beta, your proposed solution does not work:

  1. A paragraph has the H1 Style assigned and we change one single Word formatting to bold
  2. If we apply the “No Style” Style while the Cursor is in this paragraph, then the paragraph just gets assigned to the “No Style” style, but the bold text is not reset
  3. If we re-apply the original H1 Style to the paragraph, then the paragraphs text formatting is not reset to the Styles definition and the bold word is still bold

Kind regards, Thomas

Sorry, I must have misunderstood. If you select specifically the text that was formatted differently from the paragraph style–let’s say you had a paragraph that was set to Heading 1, and then applied italics to a word within the paragraph, then select that italicised word–then when you choose No Style or reapply the paragraph style, it will reset that selected text’s character attributes. The character formatting is retained as much as possible otherwise, so that you don’t end up overwriting intentionally-set formatting just by applying or removing a paragraph style. You can apply “No Style” twice to the paragraph to revert all the character formatting to the defaults, and then reapply the paragraph formatting.

(There may be a bug in the current Windows beta with applying No Style without a selection so that it’s not reverting as described, try selecting the whole paragraph first.)

Good evening Jennifer
Thank you very much for explaining the process in its details!

[b]Your description is the reason why I asked to get one shortcut to re-apply the paragraphs text formatting

  • to the current paragraph if no text is selected
  • or, if a text is selected, to just the selection[/b]

In M$ Word, it’s really very useful to have Ctrl+Space to get the expected result in a millisecond without to have to move the mouse and to klick different items :slight_smile:

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