Please add "Accept Changes" button to Revision mode

You already have the comment button in revision mode. Awesome! Now you just need “accept changes” when my editor changes something. Just like they have in Word. That would make the editing process a million times easier with the editor and I wouldn’t have to manually go in and delete each thing she corrected. Thank you! :smiley:

Revision Mode is just a basic tool for setting the text and overstrike colour while you type, along with some tools for stripping that colour (or all of them at once) from text. There is no change state recorded, nor is the original text stored anywhere beneath the red text—so really to commit the change you strip out the colours. :slight_smile: There is even a tool for that in the revision mode sub-menu, “Remove all revisions”. Is that basically what you’re looking for?[size=80][1][/size]

The one thing it doesn’t address is overstrikes—but you can strip all overstruck text out from the Transformations compile option pane when you export. We will be adding a command for doing that in the editor as well, in the future.

Another thing you might consider is using Snapshots instead of revisions (or even both really, they needn’t compete). You can take a snapshots of the sections they will be working on, and when you get the changes back, compare them to the current text, giving you kind of “change tracking”, with the advantage being that if you agree with your editor you don’t have to do anything, but if you do wish to restore a bit of text to how it was—well copy and paste from the snapshots sidebar is allowed for a reason. :slight_smile:

Not sure what you meant by that, but the Comment feature, which adds a sidebar note to some highlighted text, and the inline annotation feature for scrawling notes right in the editor, are not specific to Revision Mode. These tools work on text in your editor in general, no matter what colour the text is—like I say, Revision Mode is essentially just a forced text colour with some handy tools for finding and working with text of that colour in the future.


  1. this command can be run on huge amounts of text at once, in conjunction with the Scrivenings view mode.


I cannot wait for an option to strip out overstrikes in the editor. An awesome addition for me. I use overstrikes for the different passes of my MS. I Snapshot them, and label them with the different colors in their Snapshot name. Adding this strip feature to the editor is one less step I have to do manually, with each pass.
Keep up the awesome work, L&L. :smiley: