Please add annotiations/notes to the Windows version

Scrivener for Windows 1.0 is great! In the Windows world we have very few such programs - so I’m very happy!
But one of the most essential thing - I suppose for any serious writer - ist to make all this little notes for thoughts in progress. I know, I have the Inspector, the Scratchpad and the - pardon: very ugly - thick red inline annotitions (okay, with Ghost Mode a little bit better). The last is what I need very, very often - but in a “hidden” form. With this thick red letters becomes my reading process very “bumby”.
I know you have this in the Mac version 2.0, but I hope, this very central function will come earlier - maybe in Win 1.1? :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for your work!!!

+1 - The most important missing feature in my opinion. Otherwise, I’m loving Scrivener! Keep up the great work. – Glen

Yes. I’m not sure what the Mac version has but from what I’m reading, it seems to be more “ready for prime time” than the Windows version. I’m working on my first manuscript in Scrivener and finding many features that I find in other software and need to use just aren’t there. Right now I’m a tad embarrassed to recommend the software to other writers because when they ask “how do I” my answer is “well, apparently we can’t.”

Right now, when I need to make a note for a change or adjustment in a scene, I’m having to TYPE IT IN ALL CAPS IN THE SCENE SO I SEE IT because there’s no way to associate a note with a scene.

How about typing the note in Document Notes? This function is found in the Inspector. Hope this helps!

That’s what that is. That’s what I need. The word “inspector” just didn’t get me there at all. 8)