PLease add Middle Mouse Button Panning

It would really be nice to be able to hold down the middle mouse button and get a hand icon or whatever and then be able to pan the screen all around instead of using the scroll bars.

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Is this in regards to Scrivener or Scapple? I can’t think of many scenarios where free-panning would be useful in Scrivener, but that’s the forum you are posting to. If that is intentional, what is the context you are working within?

Ahh, I meant scapple. Can this be moved?

No problem, I’ve moved it over.

Now for Scapple: have you tried holding down the spacebar? That will work like many graphics programs, you can just pan around with click and drag while the spacebar is held down. Middle mouse isn’t a bad idea either, though. I’ll see if it’s on the list.

For getting around, there is also Quick Zoom. Hold down the Z key, point at the spot you want to go, and let go. Great for larger boards and you need to get from one spot to another.

thanks for those tips.

First of all, I just discovered Scapple for a while and I really love it.
I like it’s simplicity and think it’s great the way it is.

But I also really would like to have the Middle Mouse Button for Drag-Scrolling.
(Or the possibility to configure the shortcuts…)
I mainly use graphics and 3D programs and a lot of them have the MMB to pan around and I find it a lot more convenient than the spacebar as you already use the Scroll-Wheel to scroll. So it kind of feels more natural to use it to pan around.

Don’t know if there is still active development for scapple going on right now but that little feature would be amazing to have.

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Yeah, you and me both, it’s just a reflex for me and I find myself doing it all of the time in Scapple to no effect. At any rate, it’s already on the list for consideration, so we’ll see.

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