Please bear with me...

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I’m swamped at the moment so am having problems getting through all bug reports - I will be going through each and every one and addressing them over the next week or two, though. I still have a lot of stuff to sort out for the release this Monday, but once that’s out of the way I will be starting on a 2.0.1 update first thing on Tuesday, to address any problems users are having. I have fixed a good number of the bugs that have been reported so far, but there will still be a fair few left after Monday. I did consider putting back the release date, but realistically it doesn’t matter when I release it - there are going to be more bugs that arise for the next couple of months given how massive this update is (even if it’s not always obvious on the surface, a lot has changed to make it Scriv2 more streamlined and faster under the hood).

So, the plan is still to release 2.0 on Monday, and then I’ll be working hard on a free 2.0.1 update for the end of the month to address all the initial 2.0 issues users are having. (If I don’t release on Monday, I think I’ll be eaten alive.) I hope no one feels this plan is too dastardly.

Thanks for your patience!

All the best,

Dear Keith,

You are our hero.

Please sleep first, okay? Maybe drink some nice wine and eat a full meal.


but then GET BACK TO WORK!


Geez “not Kevin”… what’s left for a 2.1? The only thing left is a pulldown menu that actually WRITES the thing for you! Do you want a thriller? Command 1 A romance command 2…

Thanks and I think this is an excellent plan. If you go insane, run around naked screaming, get arrested, then we don’t get 2.0.1. So… relax!


Oh oh oh can we be able to select to see it actually type the words on the screen? And to make clicky typewriter noises? OH. Can it actually raise and lower the keys on the keyboard (assuming you have a real keyboard and not some silly touch screen)? It’d be like watching a player piano. Oh, say yes, say yes!