Please bear with us...

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that the response we’ve had to the Windows beta has been phenomenal (thank you!), so we’ve been taken by surprise with the number of beta-testers that have already jumped on board (and again - thank you!). We knew there’d be lots of bugs lurking given that this is an early beta and so this is it’s first real-world test - the whole point of the public beta is to ensure we get all of these things ironed out for the stable release early next year - but the number of people trying it out and being kind enough to take the time to report bugs means that there’s a lot to get through.

Lee (the Windows developer) is working frantically at the moment to deal on the most critical of the bugs (such as the XP problems), and once those are out of the way he’ll be able to start addressing the others. So please bear with us while we go through everything. If you don’t get an answer straight away it’s not because we’re ignoring you or don’t value your input, it’s just that these first few days are going to be hectic and we can’t afford to clone Lee just yet.

Many thanks again!
All the best,

You guys have done a great job and I’m sure I speak for all the beta testers when I say that we are psyched in being able to work and play with a windows version of your amazing software.

Your considerate comment is appreciated.

We are all just having so much fun. :smiley:

Oh, yes, I know we’re overwhelming you with fixes, ranging from typos to true tragedies - nothing like real world testing! But I doubt anyone is expecting you to respond to these right away! (I hope, anyway!) I’m just going to document things as I come across them, so that I don’t forget anything important. You all feel free to prioritize according to your needs, and follow up at your leisure!

Thanks soooo much for giving us this opportunity. It is always so much fun to get to work with new projects and maybe even help make them better in some small way.

I think the software is in really good shape for a beta. I’ve definitely used worse/less functional betas than this. (I have, unfortunately, put out some betas in worse shape than this. :slight_smile: )

Yeah, just to add to this - I’m sure it must be pretty overwhelming to get so many posts so soon after releasing the Windows Beta, but overall I think the new addition to the Scriv family is looking very good for a beta and a lot of the problems reported seem to be relatively minor glitches here and there.

You’ve done a great job Lee, hopefully the avalanche of feedback will be more useful than daunting!


I agree. I’ve never used Scrivener before (windows user here), but I LOVE it. It’s fantastic. It outshines anything else I’ve ever used. :smiley: So pat on the back, guys.

A few glitches here and there aren’t gonna kill us. ;D I think a lot of us are here trying to help. And well…that’s reflected by the huge amount of bug reports.

I may not be your most helpful beta tester. I worked my way through the tute last night, grinned at the typos, and began my own learning curve.

I hope I will be able to provide constructive, helpful feedback as we go on.

While I haven’t done a lot yet, I have begun my NaNo project setup, and am having fun playing with this new toy. So thank you very much, I am grateful to be allowed in at this stage of things!

I have to say I’m new to Scrivener, and I’m LOVING it. I can’t wait to use a bug-free, shiney new version. Hence why I’m helping to hunt said bugs. I’m investing in my future happiness 8)

Seriously, it seems like a great tool. I wish I’d had it when I was doing my degree, it would have been so useful for writing up my practical reports and dissertation!

I’m new to Scrivener and I have to say that I LOVE IT and thank you for all the hard work ^^
The bugs doesn’t seem too major to me (maybe because I’m just stoked to be using Scrivener on Windows >.<) but I’ll do my best to report them as I see them.

Thank you again.

I recommended to a couple Win Users, and also put it in the nettie.

A few of those friends might be a little bashful. You mind if I ask them to send the reports through me?

(I just hope they are clear about them, it is NOT my machine)