Please can we have a BackMatter to parallel FrontMatter

I really appreciate the Scrivener FrontMatter functionality, especially the notion of having different headers and footers in the “first pages”.

The notion of FrontMatter, Manuscript, BackMatter appeals to me greatly. Scrivener need only treat these differently at compile time.

What I would love to have is a BackMatter that parallels the FrontMatter. Into the BackMatter I can throw my Epilogue, Author Bio etc. and have it disassociated from the formatting and layout of my manuscript. i.e. BackMatter does not need header or footer and chapter headings may be applied differently. I’m actually very happy to use the Format “AsIs” when compiling the BackMatter.

Hence the flow I’d love is.

  1. Add Cover, Copyright, Contents etc to FrontMatter
  2. Add Author Bio and what not to BackMatter
  3. Create the draft of my manuscript in the Manuscript folder
  4. Then at compile time - whether it be for docx, pdf or whatever format. I can apply different rules to the BackMatter just as is the current case for the FrontMatter.

Back matter is already on the list of possibilities for a future version. The main reason front matter was added on its own in the first place is that it is more common for front matter to vary between book formats (e-books, printed books and so on) than it is for back matter to vary significantly. Back matter has been requested several times, though, so, as I say, it is on the list for consideration.

All the best,

Cool, and thanks.

I look forward to a future update that includes it.

And I apologize if the question has been asked before - I used search of this group before I posted and didn’t find anything. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

Is there some list of future improvements somewhere?