Please consider a checkbox insertion for notes

I want to request a feature for Scrivener, if I may. I have just begun to use Evernote and the feature I love most is the checkbox. It’s a tool menu button that inserts a box, one that can be “checked” and subsequently “unchecked” when you click it, wherever the insertion point lies. If you had a button for this, I could use it in conjunction with my sidebar notes for the best organization ever. Please consider this addition in a future version. It would be a wonderful help in the lined note section within the scenes/chapters. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how easy this would be done using the text engines on both platforms, so I’ll not comment on that aspect. However for now what you can do is use a simple bullet list (there are some bullets that are appropriate for to do lists) and the Overstrike format to mark off things you finished. Hint: you can select a to do line by double-clicking anywhere within it.

Update: Er, sorry, I really did mean triple-clicking. :slight_smile:

I like this idea a lot, and think I would use it.

is it possible to use/insert an active checkbox inside a normal text…?
I mean not as metadata…