Please do not migrate soley to the Mac App Store

Just a request (and not intended to start a debate on the App store itself) - please always offer a direct sales method, even if you also distribute by the Mac App Store.

It would strike me as being not very feasible to switch solely to the App Store. How would coupons, educational discounts, promotions, and other things be handled? The App Store sounds like a good way to get your application seen by more people, but because of Apple’s uptight nature on it, isn’t going to replace a flexible vendor.

Yep, we’ll definitely be allowing a direct sales route for as long as Apple allows it, even though we will be doing our best to get into the App Store too. We may have to strip certain things out for the App Store version, anyway, just to meet its requirements…

Good luck with the Apple store, Keith. I just bought the new and very excellent iPad browser Atomic through the iTunes store (dead cheap and a lot better than Safari). If you buy a browser through iTunes you will automatically be warned that it might ‘contain’ adult material. Presumably because you can then browse adult material with it.

I’d brace yourself for Apple asking what kind of things your customers might end up writing in Scrivener, and whether they’ll met Apple’s stringent moral standards too.

As you may have guessed… I am a huge fan of the shareware movement which has given rise to great products such as Scrivener. What the Apple app store has to contribute to that other than lining Apple’s pockets further and enhancing their already overly done control streak nature…