Please? Dragon for Mac Plugin

Not to bash Word, but I personally hate the convoluted way in which you need to make templates for say…a research paper in APA, but I digress. Though it’s a bit of a learning curve to use I love Scrivener. Except…I have some neck Issues that have affected the nerves in my left arm, and my digits tingle and sometimes spasm to their own beat. Therefore,dan, dant, ta, da,… Dragon Dictate for Mac V5. My suggestion is thus; May we obtain a plug-in that is user friendly with Dragon? It is hard enoug to learn two new types of software, and then find out that Scrivener and Dragon don’t play nice with each other.
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Thomas N (student, Psych and Ministry majors in progress) :slight_smile:

Don’t want to derail your thread - but love to hear from realworld users about DD5? Is it a worthwhile purchase?

Have come close to pulling the $99 trigger on some of the occasional deals that were on offer for DD4, but was always put off in the end by reviews being critical of bugs and it not working as expected…

According to the thread linked below, the issue is with DD rather than Scrivener…

Have you tried enhanced dictation in the recent versions of OS X?

Fast, accurate, reliable.

Insufficient for your needs?

From El Cap > Sys Pref > Dictation & Speech > Help


Briar Kit

Wow. I was aware of the Dictation feature, and had dabbled with it before - but never really paid that much attention to it.
Your links had me check out the Dictation commands, in Preferences/Accessibility >> seems pretty darn complete to me… :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Have any novelists here tried to write using the built-in Enhanced Dictation in the new Sierra or Maverick?
I’m getting a iMAC 27" soon and plan to install Scrivener. I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows along with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.

I’d like to know how the Enhanced Dictation in the MAC works. How accurate, etc.
If anyone knows, would appreciate an answer.
C. B. Hampton (Four books on Amazon and tired of typing.)

I’ve used OSX’s Enhanced Dictation, and I agree with Briar Kit’s assessment above.