Please Fix Images-in-Posts Forum Problem

You can Right-Click | View Image to see the whole thing.

Or perhaps post them using the linked thumbnail code rather than linking to the whole image. Imgur makes getting the thumbnail code a bit of a pain, but they do support several sizes (last time I checked).

Edit: for instance

I am surprised though that the images are just truncated and not resized to the max allowed dimensions. But I think that’s just a phpBB thing - I had a look through the control panel in their live demo and while there are options to set a max dimension on images, the problem is if the image you’re posting exceeds those dimensions it just doesn’t allow you to post it at all.

I didn’t spend too much time looking and there may be other options that I didn’t run across, but seeing how it appears to work there, I think the current way the images are handled here is better than the alternative.

There’s always the option of taking 2 extra minutes and scaling down the screen shot (or cropping it to the relevant area), thus reducing the screen real estate AND the size for folks loading the thread.


If you upload images as attachments—rather than linking to images hosted on external sites—you see scrollbars…



BTW, on another recent thread, Keith said that the forum is to be revamped this year.


Briar Kit

One opinion here, but scrollbars are actually worse in my experience – I’m merrily scrolling down a thread and then suddenly I’m frozen scrolling through some random image. :frowning:

I prefer scaled images or images that focus in on the area under discussion, though sometimes neither option is possible if a problem genuinely involves a very large area / the whole screen.

I don’t get the frozen-scrolling-through-an-image issue that you describe.

If I scroll through this thread, for example, and scroll over the image I inserted above, the image does scroll but it doesn’t freeze the page: it just whizzes through without any noticeable delay—to see the image scrolling, I need to slow my movements right down.

If I scroll outside the message / image area (I’m using a trackpad), the image doesn’t scroll at all—the posts just whizz by.

Guess things must be handled differently by different machines and software.

If you cursor is situated in the middle of the window, and you scroll down the page, it will at some point hover over the inserted image, and the images included scroll bars will override the page scroll, until you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the image. Quite annoying.

Yes, on my Macs, it scrolls through quickly as you describe, but it doesn’t freeze. So quick that I don’t see it unless I deliberately slow down to watch it happen.


Briar Kit

Though IIRC we’re limited to 3(?) attachments per post so if you need a lot of screen shots you’ll still need to use a 3rd party host.


Yarp, I think that’s true.

Or you can combine multiple images as single images to get round the three-image limit, or you can post more than one reply with three images in each reply.


Briar Kit

Thanks, guys. I guess I’ll attach images from now on. Yes, there are some times when a big image is best.