Please fix this feature [restart to change themes]

Hello, I want to express a little annoying thing about the themes… It’s really annoying for me to change the theme depending on my light situation (which is fine) the problem is that you have to close the program and open it again… That’s really annoying. Can somebody make it for us to change the theme automatically without closing and opening the software? Thank you…

I am no programmer, but I think it is safe to say that should it be simple, they would have made it so.

Given that there is a bunch of options that need to be replaced/loaded at once (it ain’t just a question of dark vs. light), possibly that’s just as good.

You know… other writing software that I own like Microsoft Word, or Final Draft does it automatically… If i want it Light or Dark… Just Saying… As a paying customer… It shouldn’t be a problem… Scrivener has been around for many years… I’m sure my feedback should matter… Have a nice day!

Oh, but it most probably does.
(Just to be clear, I am not affiliated with LL.)

Hi. In computer programming, each program may or may not do something depending on the code used and the libraries available or created for said language. If a restart is required, there may be no way in this case to achieve it in a single step.


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Change theme.
Exit Scrivener.
Take a chill pill.
Start Scrivener.
Down a coffee.
Look ma, no frustration.

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The Qt6-platform doesn’t support this. So, eother buy an Apple Macintosh computer, or use my AutoHotKey-script.