Please help! Can't Save As


I am having some serious problems. I came to work today and didn’t bring my USB drive where I usually save my project. Fortunately, my project is still open in Scrivener.
I have been trying to “Save As” so that I can keep working from a new copy. However, every time that I try this, I get the same errors mentioning that my USB drive is missing and that I cannot save to a project’s .scriv folder.

I am NOT trying to save to a .scriv folder. I am trying to make a completely new copy of this project so that I can keep working despite the fact that I left my USB drive at home. Is there no way that I can do this?

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to create a copy of your project without the thumb drive where the project is saved. You’ve managed to pull the tablecloth out from under Scrivener without making it crash, but it’s effectively crippled without access to your .scriv folder.

The .scriv folder (and all the sub-folders and files under it) is your project. Whenever you make a change to a file in your project, Scrivener automatically saves that change, so that’s why it’s complaining about not being able to write to the .scriv folder.

Also of note is that the entire project is not loaded into your computer’s memory; most of it usually resides on your drive at any one time. That’s what makes Scrivener snappy, even if you are writing a thousand-page epic; it only loads the parts you select in the binder into the computer’s memory. So you can’t make a copy of the project without having the entire .scriv folder available.

One last thing: If you have made modifications to your project at home, then just plugging in the USB drive while Scrivener has sat idle on your work computer could result in some lost information. There are some files that Scrivener keeps loaded into your computer memory so long as the program is running, one of which is a kind of index, which contains all the names of files and folders in your binder, as well as other meta-data about the text you’ve written. If you created, deleted, or moved any files at home, then your work computer won’t know about those changes when you plug your USB drive back in. The actual writing would still be available for salvage in your .scriv folder, but titles, keywords, status, and other metadata might be lost or at least be out of date.

I hope that helps.

It does! Thank you for that insight. I’ve been driving myself crazy.

I guess I’ll just go home and grab my flash drive during lunch. I sincerely appreciate your assistance!