Please help: error message can not back up because of a zip file

Hello. My file took nearly an hour to back up to drobox and came back with the error there was a zip file in it. It is a big file and i have no idea how to find the zip file and delete it

Suggestions are appreciated

I realise the error message is probably gone, but did you happen to copy down the precise text of it, or take a screenshot? This doesn’t sound like any error message I’m familiar with in Scrivener, and indeed there is ordinarily no problem at all with having zip files inside the project. I do that all of the time, and it backs up just fine.

By the way, for very large projects, you may wish to consider disabling the zip compression option in the Backup preference pane. This saves space, and packs the project into one file, but if you’re working with gigabytes of data it can take a long time to do that. Just saving your backup as a copy of the project will dramatically cut down backup times.

Amber thank you. I switched off back up in zip and it was fast. Why do you think I was advised (by someone or a book) to use zip in the first place?

Well ordinarily it’s a good option, and it is why we have it on by default. For one thing it makes backups impossible to accidentally open in Scrivener and edit, which of course defeats the purpose of it being a backup. It also makes them easier to upload, since it is just one file instead of many, and zip makes all of the data smaller. So for most projects it’s a good option.

But it is slower, which you don’t normally notice, until a project gets larger and backups become a chore rather than something that just go by. It’s not a big deal to turn it off, just be mindful of not opening them directly—if you need to open one to recover some text you wish you hadn’t edited the way you did, or whatever the case may be, be sure to create a copy of it with Finder, into another folder, before opening it.