Please help - keyword giving too broad a search result


I’m currently tagging character and location keywords in a large fiction project. The aim is to make it easier for the author to orient himself in an old project as a reference point for a new project using the same characters and locations. So I’m keywording all the characters and locations so that he can search for them.

Sometimes characters and locations are mentioned but not ‘active’. I.e. an active character is someone who’s doing something in a scene: a mentioned character is someone who an active character talks about in the scene.

So far I’ve been keywording active characters as just their name, and mentioned characters as Name - mention.

I assumed this would result in the ability to search separately for times when the character is active, and times when the character is mentioned. I.e. searching on ‘John’ would return scenes when John is active, and searching on ‘John - mention’ would return scenes when John is mentioned.

However, I’ve just done a search for a character (needed to check something) and find that the character’s mentions are included in the search results for his active scenes.

So a search for ‘John’ returns results for ‘John’ and also ‘John - mention,’ where I had wanted these to have separate search results.

The keywords are not parent/child.

I’d like to be able to make ‘John’ (times when the character is the active character) and ‘John - mention’ (itmes when the character is mentioned but not active) give separate search results, independent of each other. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make this happen?

I thought about changing the keyword called ‘John - mention’ to ‘Mention - John’ but I suspect the results will be the same as current.

Ninja edit: so far the best idea I’ve come up with is to add an underscore to a mention keyword to differentiate it from the name keyword. So for example, Kensington Palace and Kensington_Palace - mention now seem to return search results unique to them. Going ot look a bit messy though, particularly for keywords (characters) with one word, like John and -John - mention… better ideas welcome!

You are on the right track, look there: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=19076&start=0

Thank you very much. I’ll start altering my keywords and quick reference guide on them.