please help me make ugly search results banner go away!

Sometimes, mysteriously, my binder becomes ugly, with a couple of ugly and distracting headers. One has a magnifying glass and says “Search Results”. The other says “Binder”. I cannot imagine what key I am hitting to toggle this, nor can I figure out how to make it go away. I used to make it go away by quitting and restarting, but now that I’ve switched computers even that doesn’t work. It’s driving me so crazy that I cannot concentrate on anything else until I fix it. Help! Tell me how to make the ugly banner offering me access to searches done weeks ago go away!

View > Collections > Hide Collections. There’s also a toolbar icon just above the binder in the default setup that toggles collections view, so you may have hit that inadvertently.

Collection tabs allow you to easily flip from the binder to your most recent search results and to any other saved searches or arbitrary collections you may create. The manual (available from the Help menu) covers collections in section 8.3.

That worked! Thank you!