Please help me set up a RegEx search

I imported a file from Ulysses and it’s comments come across as ++text++. I would like to search for all occurrences so that when found everything will be selected the enclosing ++s and all text in between.

That way I can use a macro to cut the text, highlight the word before it to turn it into a comment, and then paste into the new comment.

I thought it would be daily easy but . . .

Thanks so much for any help.


Try here


the other way is just put in exact word in search bar and typ ++and search ++ and will show wherever that is found and highlight for you. tried it and worked.

There are some good alternatives that you might consider:

  • Convert Markdown-style comments to Scrivener annotations. Note this method only works on the Mac, the Windows version will too aggressively attempt to escape the syntax, resulting in it not getting “passed through” cleanly into the underlying .rtf file.
  • Use the folder sync feature as an import mechanism, a place to drop your Markdown files into, and have your search and replace convert ++Stuff++ to ((Stuff)). In tandem with the Sharing: Sync tab setting, Convert text inside (( )) and {{ }} to inline notes when syncing plain text files, you get the above result without the more complicated search and replace.
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Thanks Amber. Unfortunately I had imported the files and synced with Aeon and done a bunch of other stuff to the files before I decided to convert the comments.

I did figure out the search however

Which works great and I set up a Keyboard maestro macro to do the rest; so it is going really quickly now.