Please help me track down this bug...

Okay, this is where I’ll ask for help tracking down bugs that I’m having problems reproducing. The idea is that if you can find a case where you can give me steps to reproduce a problem every time so that I can fix it, I will be very grateful.

The first is a minor one that I just came across myself in the corkboard view, and now I can’t reproduce it:

When dragging items from the binder into the corkboard view (just text items), suddenly the drop bar indicator - which should just be the height of the cards between which it indicates you can make a drop - became the size of the entire corkboard view. This happened when I started with a blank corkboard view and had dropped two index cards into it. Dragging a third in from the binder caused the drop bar to go screwy. Now I can’t renew it.

If anybody can recreate this and give me a surefire way to do so, I would be most happy. :slight_smile:


If it’s any consolation, I was able to duplicate this bug on first creating a project and creating some empty files but it disappeared right away and I cannot duplicate it. I assume you mean that the drop bar filled the whole vertical length of the window as that’s what it did on mine (i.e. did not fill the whole window)

Yep, that’s what I meant. :slight_smile: I have managed to reproduce it, but only apparently randomly. I’ll have to go through the drop validation code in the corkboard view very carefully as soon as I can face it.

Hi Keith,

A very tentative suggestion that I think might be relevant to bug hunting.

It might be relevant to bug hunting to know what set-ups people are using.

I just added mine to my profile so you can always see it if you need to.

Just a thought.

Using my set-up I could not reproduce it. So it may be set-up specific.

In addition to the corkboard bug detailed earlier, which I still haven’t tracked, I would also be very grateful for any help in tracking the bug reported here: … .php?t=141

I am having real problems reproducing this one. All I really need are the steps to reproduce the bug every time. Once I have those, I can find and fix the bug. So, if anyone comes across this and can isolate it, I would appreciate it greatly. :slight_smile:


Well, the latter bug has been tracked down, but I am having hell trying to get the corkboard one. I can get it happening occasionally, and I think it has something to do with opening a blank corkboard after working and dragging in a full corkboard and then dragging items into it from the binder, but I don’t know. I’m trying to debug it, but I would be very, very, very grateful to any beta testers who can isolate a case where this elongated-dropbar-lines-in-the-corkboard bug always occurs.

There is also a related bug whereby sometimes, when you have one index card in the corkboard and try to drag another in, no dropbar line appears, even though you can drop the card. Again, annoying and hard to track.


UPDATE: Huh. After scrutinising my code, hopefully I’ve squashed this bugs. There were too silly mistakes in the code that caused errors with drop lines when trying to drop after a card that is not the last one on the row. My fixes should certainly solve the issue of the drop bar not appearing at all, and hopefully also the issue of the drop bar being drawn too long.

Fingers crossed…