Please Help Me with Linking?

I’m a very new Scrivener user (about a week now). After trying it for just a few days, I decided to buy the full version. With the help of some author friends and the tutorial, I’ve now converted two of my already-published works into Scrivener.

My issue is with my third book, which is a self-help guide to horse care. I’ve kept it fairly simple, but there are some terms included that non-horse people might not know. So, I’ve provided a short glossary of terms. In my current Kindle version, I manually bookmarked and hyperlinked each term in the body of the book to its corresponding definition in the glossary.

I’ve done this in Scrivener as well, and it works in my editor. But when I compile for either .ePub or .mobi, the terms in the body of the book are not linked to the glossary. I’m thinking this is something I’m doing wrong in the “compile” window of Scrivener, but I can’t quite figure out what. Any suggestions?

Currently the internal Scrivener links are not supported in ebook compile, so you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just not available. I answered a similar question the other day, however, which might help you achieve what you’re after:

Thank you Jennifer. What I ended up doing was using an endnote, which of course compiles into a bibliography of notes, which is even better than what I did in MS Word, as you touch the number next to the unfamiliar word, it takes you to the definition, and then touching that number again directs you back to the word in the body of the text. Checking it out with both my Nook and Kindle apps worked great!

Great, glad you got something that works nicely!