Please help me with my Table of Contents

I am testing compiling an Epub and am trying to get my ToC to look like this:

and keep my chapters looking like this:

But when I do the above I get this:

I have been working on this for days. Every text page i create, show up in the TOC. I see these not showing up in other people’s examples on the internet but for some reason I can not make them not appear in my ToC.

For the love of god, someone help me!!!

Do the hints in this thread help out?

You could probably also simplify your Binder a bit. It looks like you have one single file per section, so rather than having a folder for that section and then another file for the content, you could combine that down into one single file that generates the section and the content. But that’s probably more just a tip for the future to make life easier on yourself. You should be fine once you get the settings sorted out for this one.

The automatic table of contents generates a link for every section that starts on a new page. As Ioa points out, it seems that you have two sections for every chapter, a folder and a text file. But that’s fine. The main problem is just that you only want the folders to be included in the table of contents, not the text files that follow them. For that, it’s best to use your own table of contents file rather than relying on Scrivener’s automatic one, which can only handle simple cases. To do so:

  1. Create a new text file wherever you want the contents to go (e.g. at the start of the front matter folder).

  2. In the binder, select the documents you want listed (e.g. the folders), then go to Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as Scrivener Links.

  3. Go to your ToC document and hit Paste. You’ll most likely want to centre all of the links and get rid of any head indents via the ruler, too.

  4. In Compile, under “Layout”, make sure that the HTML table of contents text field contains the title of your ToC document as it appears in the binder. This will cause Compile to use your custom ToC instead of generating one automatically.

Hope that helps,

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Kieth, you just saved my life!!!

Glad it helped!