Please help: Paragraphs that are visible on screen as MS and after Compile does not print

I have drafted text in a chapter. It has multiple paragraphs. The entire text – all paragraphs appear on screen and are editable. When I compile for print, all the paragraphs of the chapter appear. However, when I print after compiling, certain paragraphs, approximately on page in length, do not print.
I have copied the entire MS to a new project, with default chapter and section settings, and the same problem happens, certain specific paragraphs will not print after Compiling.

It is always the same paragraphs that will not print. Please help!

Do you see the same issue if you compile for another format?

When you say that all the paragraphs appear if you compile for print, are you looking at a PDF file, or something else? If you’ve created a PDF file and the missing paragraphs are there, Scrivener has done its job and the issue is elsewhere.

Looking at your icon, you’re an all platform user.
If your problem is on Windows, then note that Compile for Print has never worked as it should on Scriverner 3 for Windows – it’s a long outstanding issue.